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The “Earn While You Learn” Program > Payment and Incentive Related
1. How much does one pay for the program? And how? 9. How much can I earn from the other business node?
2. What is the refund policy of the company? 10. What happens in case of renewal of sales below me?
3. How can I send a wire transfer to the company for bulk payments? 11. Is there a deduction from my incentive and why?
4. How much Incentive Commission do I earn? 12. Can I change my bank details? And how?
5. Are the sales done in INDIA and Nepal Included in the Commission Incentives Earned by the international Channel Partners? 13. How can I get the incentives that I earn, debited directly into my account?
6. What are the Incentive Commission Steps for the International Customers? 14. How does the earning as an Independent Contractor/associate affect my tax liability?
7. Describe the process flow chart of the incentive calculation? 15. How does the earnings of a minor effect my tax liability?
8. Is there a ceiling on my earning from a business node? How much is it?    
Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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Payment and Incentive
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