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The “Earn While You Learn” Program

Technical Issues

1. What is e-learning /Online ducation/Training? 8. Can I use my own domain name with the available web space?
2. What is 35 Mb web space and how do I use it? 9. Which server is the web space on?
3. What are online examinations? 10. Where are the servers located? How safe is the data?
4. What is the recognition of the online certificates? 11. What do I do, my education is not working?
5. Are the courses recognized? Or credited? Are the certificates valid? 12. What am I doing wrong? I cannot see my website/ web pages I designed?
6. What are e-books? 13. What do I do, my connection broke, I was in middle of the exam?
7. What is the software and how may I use it? 14. So What is the UPS of DewSoft Virtual Campus or the offering?
Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
Useful Information
 What is eLearning?
 What is Distance Education?
 What is Virtual Campus?
 Comparison of e-Learning Providers
 Direct Selling, An Insight
The Offering Specific
 Showcase of DewSoft eLearning
 Direct Selling, An Insight
EWUL Program Specific


Payment and Incentive
Incentive Policy

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