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3. How can I send a wire transfer to the company for bulk payments?
Individuals/Institutions willing you send payment for the bulk purchase of the subscription packages may send wire transfer to the undersigned
Beneficiary Name DewSoft

Beneficiary’s A/c No.
(Please use the one in which you are sending the payment )

01442430000065 for USD
01442440000041 for EURO
01442450000010 for GBP

Beneficiary’s Bank HDFC BANK LTD.
Beneficiary’s Bank Address 2/10, East Patel Nagar,  New Delhi-110008,  INDIA
Purpose of remittance Subscription to Online Packages
Please give your name, address and Id number to your remitting bank which in-turn shall give you a confirmation after sending the payment to us in INDIA. There are some charges levied by the bank for wire transfer, please check with your remitting bank for the same. Send the confirmation Id to us via email.
Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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