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1. How much does one pay for the program? And how?
Payments are directed towards the office catering to the customer of the region. Different Region Customers Pay different price as per the economics of the same.
Beneficiary Office
US and Canadian Customers 300 Can $
300 US $
DewSoft (Canada) Ltd.
27 Canary Drive, Brampton, Ontario, L6R 3G1
Nepalese Customers NC 16400 DewSoft Overseas Nepal Pvt. Ltd
3rd Floor Binayak Complex,
Behind Birendera Convention Center,
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
INDIAN Customers INR 9,900 DewSoft Overseas Pvt. Ltd
305-306 Gagandeep Building
12 Rajendra Place
New Delhi.110008
UK Customers GBP 155 DewSoft 
101 Gagandeep Building,
12 Rajendra Place,
New Delhi, INDIA
Wire Transfer Instructions Please Click here
European Customers Euro 240
Rest of the World 300 US $
2. What is the refund policy of the company?
The subscription fee is not refundable, either in part or full after the lapse of 72 hours of date of registration of your subscription ID online, or the receipt of the money at the regional office, whichever is earlier. It is perceived that you have joined the program after being convinced about its features and benefits. 72 hours is given as a cooling off period after seeing a presentation/seminar or a demo in your area.
Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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Payment and Incentive
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