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The “Earn While You Learn” Program > Administrative FAQS

1. What is the difference between a “Subscriber” and “An Associate”? 12. What is the protection that my business node shall not be transferred/terminated once I start making money?
2. What is the Validity of the “Earn While You Learn” package? 13. Can I willfully transfer/sell my business node and subscription to someone else, and how?
3. What does the Unlimited access in the DewSoft Virtual Campus mean? 14. What happens to the business node in case of the death of the original independent contractor, associate?
4. What happens after the expiry of the subscription? 15. Can I be suspended or terminated from the program?
5. What is the business Opportunity, and how much does it cost? 16. How will I come to know how much incentive I have made in this week?
6. Can I renew after a gap of 2-5 years? How much will I need to pay then? 17. How will I be able to see growth of my network?
7. What is renewal, how does that effect me? 18. How will the company support me while I organize a big seminar?
8. Can anyone Join the DewSoft Virtual Campus’s “Earn while you Learn” Program anywhere in the world? 19. Does the company offer training and presentation material and how can I order the same?
9. I have Friends in US, and UK, who are interested in joining the said Program, How can I introduce them to the program and what are the benefits for the same? 20. Can I pay online using Credit Cards?
10. How many packages can an Individual Subscribe to? 21. Can I pay using my incentive Commission for the services or product offered by the company?
11. What are the qualifying criteria to earn incentive commissions?  
Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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