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How can I get the incentives that I earn, debited directly into my account?

You may use the direct debit authorization, send your void check in which you need the incentives debited, and send it to the regional office. Direct debits are a faster way to process receive your incentive commission. Under normal routine, all direct debit payments are debited into the respective accounts by Tuesday.

How does the earning as an Independent Contractor/associate affect my tax liability?

You are responsible for all your tax liabilities, the incentive commission is treated as additional income taxed as per the tax structure of your country. Please contact your financial advisor or accountant for the same. Individual cases, may be different depending the bracket they fall in.

How does the earnings of a minor effect my tax liability?

There is no age limit set aside by any government around the world to pay taxes, as long as the income is coming is being earned by the minor in a legal manner ( the parent is not siphoning his income to the minor). In the dewsoft’s referral program working as an independent contractor, the minor can earn commission incentives and pay his/her own taxes as per the bracket.

Alternatively, in case you can file the additional income generated by the minor as part of your income and pay taxes on the same.

It is still recommended that one may consult the legal financial advisor and act upon his consultation for the same.

Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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