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Describe the process flow chart of the incentive calculation?

Wednesday Evening Subscription payments are received in the respective regional offices till Wednesday evening for the corresponding week, and in New Delhi office by Thursday Noon.

Payment is then locked and procedure for calculation of channel partner incentive begins, It takes about a day and a half to process and complete all the procedures and verifications. Friday evening Respective Reports are generated by Friday evening and sent to the banks by Saturday or Monday, depending on the schedule of the bank.

Monday/Tuesday Direct debit Authorized accounts receive their earned commission by Monday/Tuesday. The Checks may take upto 7 to 21 days depending on the location the recipient.

What happens in case of renewal of sales below me?

All renewals are treated as fresh sales, and incentives are paid for the same separately from your normal incentive. For instance, you are earning the maximum of $3750 for an individual business node, and renewal entitles you to earns you another $3750 that week, then that week you shall get 02 checks of $3750. This actually works as residual bonus income, as people would automatically renew leading to a more income without the same hard effort.

Can I change my bank details? And how?

You can change the bank details by providing new bank details online and then confirming the same by sending an email to the c.care@planetdewsoft.com. The minimum administration fee of $5 is required for the same

Is there a deduction from my incentive and why?

Yes, there is an administrative charge of $5 per incentive commission deducted to take care of the necessary expense of calculating and disbursing your payment. In case withholding tax is applicable as per your region, as provided in table above, then the same is also deducted and deposited with the respective government.

How much can I earn from the other business node?

All business nodes are treated individually, they shall earn all eligible incentives like any other business node.

Is there a ceiling on my earning from a business node? How much is it?

Yes, there is a cap of CAN $ 3750, or US $ 3750 for the program, per business node.

Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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