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To find a suitable job and move up the ladder in one's career, One needs regular Skill and Knowledge updating, complementing his academic qualification, to keep up with his work expectations. 
eLearning is the only standardized format of Education, Training and Delivery reaching the remotest corners beyond physical borders.
DewSoft Virtual Campus is the preferred choice of the more than 800,000 users around the world targeting age group of 15 and above. 
DewSoft researches, designs and develops and updates all trainings regularly. It boasts of more than 150 copyright programs. 

The program offers knowledge and skills updating as required by the real world, not taught in the academic curriculum. It includes Training on Computers Hardware and Software, Applications, languages, Soft Skills, Communication & Presentation Skills, Business and Social Etiquettes, learning foreign Languages and so on. 

The program offers unlimited access to the Virtual Campus 24/7. It uses state of the Interactive Tutorials and Exercises, to make the knowledge updating process engaging and effective.

Capitalizing on the eLearning technology, the campus is able to offer standardized world class trainings for less than 55 cents a day. The true value of the training is priceless, on average street price, the value of the the trainings combined together is approximately $20,000 .

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Education since time immemorial works on the word of mouth. We always ask one another for their reference on schools, colleges, training providers, follow successful candidates and their choice of programs. 

Based on this concept, the program offers you a FREE and an optional opportunity to work as Independent Contractor, Channel Partner and earn incentives and commission by promoting the company products and services, to desirous people in your network.

Your network consists of family, friends, neighborhood, workplace, school, club, association, anywhere around the globe.

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Online Training is one of the biggest Industry today with an estimated market of 38 Billion Euros, approximately 50 Billion US Dollars globally.
There gap between Academic Curriculum and industry requirements is increasing by day. The market is booming.
Everyone is getting Online, Individuals, Groups, Institutions, Businesses, Communities, from all walks of life, social and economical backgrounds are the market for our offerings.
The annual sales through Direct Sellers globally is approximately 109 billion for the year 2006 involving 60 Million people worldwide
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