Welcome to DewSoft Canada Ltd.
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Key Personnel

Mr. Rishi Sehdev
Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Jagjit Sehdev
Passive Director

Ms. Anubha Sehdev
President, General Operations

Mr. Anurag Awasthi
Manager Customer Care and Business Development

Mr. Amit Kukreja
Manager Marketing and Academy Operations

Mr. Amarjeet Singh
Manager Accounts

Mr. Shekhar Dwivedi
Manager Finance, Audit and Control

Mr. Dheeraj Tingloo
Manager Technical

Mr. Dhan Kumar
Manager Nepal Operations

Organization Ownership

The Institution is privately held with diversified interests in Hospitality and Hospitals Industry. The Ethos to work with the warmth of the family and focus of a Commercial Organization has led to retention of intellect and growth in all arenas.

The personnel mentioned here are only involved in the Education and Training Division of the Company. Real Time and the Virtual Campus.

Welcome to Dewsoft Canada Ltd.
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